Roti Chanai

Actually, this roti canai or turban bread which we sometimes call it is very versatile that you can make any amount of flour or dough which the liquid just varies till it makes a nice med. dough. I just use a chinese soup spoon to scoop the flour.


2 C Flour
1 C of liquid (half milk & water)
1/2 tsp each of salt & sugar
3/4 C of melted butter/ghee (if preferred) or pam


Mix the flour and salt, sugar and liquid to a med. soft dough. Add more liquid if it is too dry or add more flour gradually if too wet (due to humidity). Then when dough is kneaded till smooth, break it into small golf ball size, rub them with some butter (from tub-ok) then place them in a big bowl. Cover them up for rest at least 4-6 hours , best overnite.

Then on work surface spray some pam and then pat the ball of dough, then roll it til the best you can, then use your fingers to pull all around till a nice thin pastry is achieved . Sprinkle some of the melted butter or ghee or pam and pull them up as it drapes then make it into a circular shape, tucking the end under. Or just fold it but sprinkle a little after the 2 sides are folded before the other 2 flaps are down to create the layered texture.

Heat pan and lightly oil or pam and fry on med. low then pressing it down gently as it puffs up to enable all layers to cook esp. if made into turban rolls.

When the white colour dough turns into opaque and light golden brown, its done.

Serve with dhal/chicken curry or just sugar or jam.

Happy cooking. But start out with a small amount to get the hang of spreading out the pastry dough.

Contributed by – Christine

AKA: Roti Prata, Roti Canai

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